Macro photography of insects. Spring Hill, Brisbane, Australia.
Fuji XT3, Raynox DCR-250, Godox AD600 + Umbrella.
Thanks George for assisting, and Dr Sam for helping identify! was also very helpful in identifying :)
Golden Orb Web Spider (Nephila plumipes)
Giant Grasshopper (Valanga irregularis)
St Andrew's Cross Spider ( Argiope Keyserlingi)
Mango Planthopper ( Colgaroides acuminata)
Unidentified - Ant? ( Family Formicinae?)
Cotton Harlequin Bug ( Tectocoris diophthalmus)
Looper Moth (Family Geometridae, Geometroidea)

Leaf Miner Fly (Family Agromyzidae)
Cotton Stainer (Dysdercus sidae)
Steelblue Ladybird (Halmus chalybeus)
Unidentified - Freeloader Fly? (Family Milichiidae and Chloropidae)

Wild Tobacco Spined Bug (Cuspicona forticornis)
Blue-Eyed Hatchet Wasp (Evania appendigaster)
Silver Orb Spider (Leucauge granulata (L. dromedaria)
Golden Brown Shield Bug (Anchises parvulus)
Small Grassland Kaydid ( Polichne sp.)
Unidentified - Orb Spider? ( Family Araneidae)
Large Green Long Legged Fly ( Chrysosoma leucopogon)
Various Dragonflies ( Order Odonata )
Variable Ladybird ( Coelophora inaequalis )
Celtis Leaf Beetle (Menippus cynicus)
Unidentified - Ant Fly? (Family Sepsidae?)

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